New Rector Search

June 2021 Update

Blue Timeline Cycle Presentation.png

Since early March, the Discernment Committee has been meeting weekly to work through the rector search process. We are delighted to share with you the work we've done so far, and to ask for your prayerful support and participation.

We are meeting regularly with the Rev. Sarah Brockenbrough, the Transition Minister for the Diocese of Virginia. She manages and oversees the deployment and transition process for clergy and congregations to ensure a faithful and successful process of calling clergy to new cures in the diocese. Sarah is assisting us in planning and carrying out the process, and has been immensely helpful.

One of the tools recommended by the Diocese is the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT), an online survey that will help us gauge the strength, vitality, and trends in our church. The information gained from this assessment will be valuable in helping us to develop our parish portfolio, which is a key step in the discernment process.


Please take the survey before June 20! We'll be following up with conversations with the parish to hear from you about your hopes and dreams for St. James' and our community.

We've developed a timeline for the necessary steps in this process, and are now in the "Self-Study" phase of the process. You'll notice that the calling of our next rector is noted as taking place "In God's Time." We want to make sure the process is prayerful, guided by the Holy Spirit, and truly faithful to the nature of God's call to us and to the next rector of St. James'.


Rest assured, we are working hard on your behalf! Members of the Discernment Committee will be present at the All-Parish Retreat, so we can chat with you informally about the search process and your perspectives on our parish community. Our ears and our hearts are open!

The Vestry met in February and elected an 11-member New Rector Search Committee. 


The members of the Search Committee are:  Kim Carren, Stacy Cleveland, Paul Faust, Mary Frances Forcier, Kathleen Greenough, Joy Griffith, Ed Hatrick, Worth Hawes, Michelle Jones, Jen Reichard, and Rachelle Schroeder. 


Under the guidance and direction of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, this committee is charged by The Vestry, Wardens, and Officers of St. James’ Episcopal Church in Leesburg to search for one candidate for rector to be presented to the vestry for their consideration and eventual vote. 

The vestry will then extend the call to the new rector and finalize the contractual arrangements.