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Stewardship 2024

Our 2024 Stewardship campaign, "Together, We are St. James" focuses on our connection with each other as the Body of Christ and celebrates how the Holy Spirit has woven thousands of lives together for 212 years in our spiritual community and served as a beacon of hope and love for all. 

Stewardship Letter from Fr. Chad

Dear St. James’ Family, This year’s stewardship theme, “Together, We are St. James’,” invites us to reflect upon our connection with one another as the Body of Christ. Looking back at our church’s history, can we imagine all of the connections and prayers at pivotal moments in our community’s life? Can we imagine how the people of St. James’ have come together in times of hardship and difficulty as well as in times of joy and celebration? For 212 years now, the Holy Spirit has woven thousands of lives together in our spiritual community and served as a beacon of hope and love for all. Today, it is clear that the Spirit continues to be alive and active, moving in our community of faith and touching the lives of many people. In this past year, we have: •Served over 5,000 meals to those in the community through Grace2Go •Donated 3,295 lbs of food to Loudoun Hunger Relief •Started vital restoration work on our historical church building •Welcomed 44 new members •Increased our worship attendance by 40%—averaging 212 people each Sunday •Hired a full-time associate rector for family ministry and pastoral care Yet, in order to meet the needs of our growing community, we estimate that our 2024 ministry budget will increase by approximately 20%. Whereas some churches have a financial endowment to help subsidize the yearly budget, we at St. James’ rely solely upon you, our faithful members, for all of the resources that enable us to further God’s work in our parish and surrounding community. Each member of the clergy, vestry, stewardship, and finance committee has already made their financial gifts. If you gave last year and have the capacity, we ask that you prayerfully consider increasing your pledge in 2024. If you are new to our community and have never pledged, we invite you to make your first pledge now. Pledging is an outward and visible sign of your commitment to your spiritual home. Please join us in making your pledge by November 12 remembering that “Together, We are St. James’.” In Faith & Peace, The Rev. Dr. Chad T. Martin Rector

Stewardship Video

Stewardship FAQs

Q. What is Stewardship? A. Stewardship means wisely caring for something that belongs to someone else. The Bible calls us stewards of God’s creation. Everything belongs to God, not us. Q. What is a pledge? A. An annual pledge is a commitment made in faith on what you will give to the church’s annual operating budget in the coming year. Q. Why is the church leadership asking members to increase their pledge? A. We estimate that our 2024 ministry budget will increase by approximately 20%. It is amazing to see God doing great things in our church, but it also means we need to act in faith with our finances. Q. When I make a pledge, how will the money be used? A. These gifts go towards the church’s operating budget. This includes all the expenses of day-to-day ministry at St. James’ including worship expenses, local outreach, utilities, maintenance of our historical campus, and staff salaries. Q. How much should I give? A. This is a decision for each household to reach prayerfully. Our goal is to see each member giving in faith and in love. Q. What if I need to change my pledge during the year? A. A pledge is not a binding contract, but rather a promise of intention. If life circumstances change, please contact the church office. All conversations are confidential and pastoral support is always available. Q. Why is St. James’ talking about money? Isn’t that personal? A. We believe everything belongs to God, so for Christians money is not secret or “off limits.” Jesus talked about it a lot. We don’t do high-pressure talks but we always want to be transparent and open about how our members’ giving supports the ministry of our church and the surrounding community.

2024 Stewardship Committee

Bill Brooks, Brian Graves, BeBe Green, Tom Holdsworth, Virginia Lewis, Bob Pettit

Stacy Cleveland, Treasurer, The Rev. Chad Martin, Rector

Make Your 2024 Pledge Now

In gratitude for what God has provided, I/we wish to join with others in support of our church and make the following pledge in 2024.

Use the form below to submit your pledge directly to the Church Office. 

All pledge information is kept confidential. 

That will be given:

Thank you for supporting the work of St. James'.

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