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All Saints' Sunday: November 5, 2023

In the Episcopal tradition, All Saints' Day, November 1, is one of the seven principal feasts of the church year. It is a day of the celebration of saints who have departed from us, as well as a day where we administer baptisms.

All Saints' Day may also be celebrated on the Sunday following November 1. 

This year, on Sunday, November 6, St. James' will be celebrating All Saints' Sunday by recognizing our faithful departed. 

As part of our celebration on All Saints' Sunday, we will pause to remember the saints whose earthly lives have ended, but whose legacies will live on. All names that were submitted have been printed below:

Faithful Departed.png

O God, we give you thanks and praise for the saints of our lives whose names are listed, and for those not listed by written on our hearts. Their legacies are woven into the fabric of who we are and who we are to become. Having completed their earthly life, may they be at peace, and may we be inspired by their example, living fully in your love and grace. May we learn from their successes and their failures, ever mindful that our lives have been richly blessed by having known and loved them. We offer this prayer in honor of their memory and in the name of your Son, Our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Thea Barry

Catherine Brogan

Francis Brogan

Mabel Clapperton

Thomas Clapperton

Bonnie Cleveland

Gene Cleveland

Douglas Corderman

Richard Curtis

Caroline Ennis

Monica Filyaw

Joyce Foltz

John Forcier

Patricia Ford

Rich Ford

Jessie Fuller

Raymond Fulmer

Saloma Fulmer

Victor Gardner, Jr

Lois Graham

Ann Harrell

Gilbert Harrell

B. Powell Harrison

Nancy Hatch

William Hatch

Betty O. Hatrick

Bunny Havlicek

Eleanor Henderson

Harry Henderson

Kelly Michelle Herbert

William Paul Herbert

Donald Hill, III

Susan Jamison

Shirley Ann Leake

James W. Lovelace

Robert F. McKinney

Geraldine Mercer

Harry Messenheimer

Jean Messenheimer

Jean Moffett

William Moffett

Charlotte Cook Morse

Nancy Nesbit

Mary Ann Osborne

Stuart Donald Osborne

John E. Panichella

Ernest Patch

Inez Peebles

Kevin Phillips

Mary Pike

Ruth Pike

Maureen Riley

Don Scheuerman, Sr

Joanne Scheuerman

Rebecca Schlaegel

Ruth Neely Smith

Nancy Spangler

William Sprecher

Delores Style

Betty Thomas

John Thomas

John Tolbert

Thomas Toler

Robert Twigg

Ellen Vetter

Robert William Walsh

Kathleen Sinise White

James Young

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