Learning what it means to become a follower of Jesus Christ is a life-long adventure, as our service of Holy Baptism reminds us when parents and godparents (and baptismal candidates who are old enough to answer for themselves) are asked “Will you by your prayers and witness help this child to grow into the full stature of Christ?”  We are called to grow into the full stature of Christ over the course of our lives.

  • We offer a myriad of learning opportunities for people of all ages (from Preschool age all the way to our Seasoned Saints who are age 60+) and from all backgrounds (those raised in The Episcopal Church or other Christian denominations as well as those who have little to no experience with Christianity). 

  • Whether in a large group setting, small groups, or individually, those seeking to deepen their knowledge of what it means to be a follower of Jesus can find ways at St. James’  to engage in wrestling with the questions that arise during the course of the Christian journey.

  • For more information, contact the Church Office.

Church School for children and youth

  • Pre-K through Twelfth Grade

  • Sunday mornings: 10:10 to 11:00 a.m. 

  • Our theme? “God loves us – no matter what!” 

  • St. James’ Church School staff is committed to helping our children and youth grow in their relationships with each other, neighbors, self, and God in a Christian atmosphere of love, acceptance, and welcome.

  • Church School lessons are Scripturally-based and consistent with Episcopal theological principles and spiritual practices. 



Adult Forum

  • Sundays at 10:10 am in the Fellowship Hall.