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Baptism at St. James'

  • At St. James’ Church, Holy Baptism is administered during Sunday worship at least six times a year, except during the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent.

  • Because it is a rite of initiation into a community of faith, Baptism is not administered privately, but within the gathered community during the celebration of Holy Eucharist on a Sunday.

  • Baptism is offered to all adults, and to children or grandchildren of active members.

  • In The Episcopal Church, both adults and children (including infants) are baptized as Christians (not as Episcopalians).  Adults and parents of children to be baptized participate in baptismal preparation.

  • If you are interested in being baptized or having your child baptized, call the Church Office at 703-777-1124 or email us. 

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