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Foyer Groups

  • Foyer Groups (from the French word meaning "hearth" or "home") provide opportunities to meet and connect with new people while enjoying a meal together.

  • Foyer Groups are small groups of parishioners who meet in six-month intervals for simple meals and conversation. 

  • There’s no agenda or formal program: members simply get to know each other as part of our community of faith.

  • Meetings often take place in the homes of group members (although groups have held informal picnics as well!). 

  • Don't be concerned that your house is not grand enough to host, nor your culinary skills gourmet enough to share: our focus is on friendship and fellowship. 

  • Our Spring/Summer session was very successful with more than 38 participants!  Each group was made up of a variety of ages, new members and returning members, from different worship services. We are preparing for our Fall/Winter session which will go from October through September and hope you will consider participating in a Foyer Group.