Foyer Groups

Foyer Groups on COVID Hiatus


St. James' Foyer Groups (from the French word meaning "hearth" or "home") provide opportunities to meet and connect with new people while enjoying a meal together.


Small groups of parishioners (6-8) meet in six-month intervals for simple meals and conversation. There’s no agenda or formal program: members simply get to know each other as part of our community of faith. Meetings often take place in the homes of group members (although groups have held informal picnics as well!). 


Don't be concerned that your house is not grand enough to host, nor your culinary skills gourmet enough to share: our focus is on friendship and fellowship. 


Each group is made up of a variety of ages, new members and returning members, from different worship services.  

We're looking forward to resuming Foyer Groups as we resume our regular activities.

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