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Annual Meeting 2022

St. James' held its Annual Parish Meeting on May 1, 2022. The Vestry, Ministry Leaders, & Staff have compiled their statements about the different ministries of St. James' into an Annual Report, which can be found below.

The agenda was as follows:

11:15 AM     Welcome & Prayers - Father Earl Mullins

11:20 AM     Reading and Approval of the Minutes from the 2021 Annual Meeting - Jane Roth

11:25 AM     Introduction of the Candidate Slate for Election of Vestry Class of 2025

11:35 AM     Distribution of Ballots and Voting for Vestry Class of 2025

11:45 AM     Expressions of Appreciation - Father Earl Mullins

11:55 AM     Financial Report - John Forcier

12:00 PM     Junior Warden's Remarks - Tom Horne

12:05 PM     Senior Warden's Remarks - Fred Williams

12:10 PM     New Rector Discernment Committee Report - Stacy Cleveland

12:20 PM     Announcement of New Vestry Class of 2025 - Father Earl Mullins

12:25 PM     Questions & Open Forum

12:45 PM     Closing Prayers

Our New Vestry Class of 2025

Scott Briles

Kathleen Greenough

Troy Harry

Melissa Sutton

Who can vote for Vestry Candidates? 

According to the Canons of the Diocese of Virginia, "All adult communicants in good standing, registered in the particular Church in which they offer to vote, shall be entitled to vote at the election of Vestry members." If you have questions about your eligibility to vote, please call the Church Office at 703-777-1124.

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