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DOCC: Disciples of Christ in Community

An 18 week small group Christian Formation program for adults (age 16+), meeting on Thursday evenings. 


DOCC is: “Exploring the Heart of Christian Faith.” 


Many of us have been exposed to “bits and pieces” of the Christian faith all our lives but have never really known what it’s all about.  What difference can the Christian faith really make in our lives?  How can we know the depth and power it has to offer?  Is there something fresh and new underneath those ancient words and beliefs?


DOCC offers a step-by-step journey into the heart and soul of Christianity along with a community of fellow-explorers to travel with.  Each session consists of a 45-minute presentation followed by an hour-long conversation in a small group, that will stay together for the entire course of 18 weeks.  This second part in small groups is led by members of the congregation trained to facilitate the discussions.  All presenters and facilitators have received 18 or more hours of training.  The DOCC Journey depends to a large extent on the quality of the small group experience, and small groups depend on the regular attendance of participants.  That means that if you know that you will have to miss more than two or three sessions, it would be best to wait and take another course another year.


The DOCC Journey is the finest formation experience that Fr. Earl says he has known through the church, and he declares it to be a transformative and exhilarating journey!


It is necessary to sign up for this program.  Please contact the Church Office at 703.777.1124 for more information.


In place of DOCC for Fall 2020, Fr. Earl is offering a Fall Bible Study focusing on the Old Testament. Read more.

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