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Lent 2022 at St. James'

Two opportunities for Lenten Study 

Sunday Morning Lenten Forum Series

Wrestling with Angels: “An Intimate Look at the Tough Questions of Life”

  • Each Sunday During Lent:  9:00 AM – 9:45 AM

  • Beginning Sunday, March 6

  • Led and facilitated by Fr. Earl in the Parish Hall

  • Come for one or more forums! No registration needed.

Our Sunday Lenten Forum Series tackles head-on the kind of tough, real-life questions that can lead a person into a deeper understanding of God. Each Sunday we will hear and discuss experiences of struggling with these questions. Our stories will be interwoven with reflection and commentary by Fr. Earl and other participants in our series.

  1. Guidance:  How Do I Know What To Do?
    Exploring insights on how to discern God’s will in these confusing times.

  2. Why me? :  If You’re So Good, Why Are Things So Awful?
    We will be digging deep to find hope in the face of suffering.

  3. Prayer:  Why Don’t My Prayers Get Answered?
    Fr. Earl will be offering guidance to enriching your prayer life.

  4. Forgiving:  How Do I Forgive and Get On With My Life?

  5. Understanding and practicing forgiveness as an act of strength and healing.

  6. Doubt:  How Can I Question and Still Believe?
    Exploring how doubt actually makes faith possible, freeing us from “the need to have finite answers to infinite questions.”

  7. Love: Why Is Loving So Hard?
    Keith Miller will be sharing the ways in which he has found love of self and others such a challenge.  We will discuss spiritual and emotional healing through community.

A Lenten Bible Study Course and Compline

Thursday Evenings During Lent

Beginning Thursday, March 10 |  7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Parish Hall

Led and facilitated by Fr. Earl | Registration required.

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