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Annual Meeting and Vestry Elections 2020

On Sunday, October 4 at 11 a.m., we will gather together to celebrate our life in Christian community, give t

hanks for the blessings of our parish, elect new Vestry members, and look ahead to the coming year!

How are we going to meet as a parish this year?

We'll be using Zoom to gather together as the people of St. James'. We'll use an online voting platform that has been use

d by many Episcopal dioceses and parishes to elect our new vestry members.

Who is eligible to vote?

According to the Canons of the Diocese of Virginia, "All adult communicants in good standing, registered in the particular Church in which they offer to vote, shall be entitled to vote at the election of Vestry members." If you have questions about your eligibility to vote, please email Kay Gregg or call the Church Office at 703-777-1124.

Because each ballot needs to be validated by the online voting platform, it is very important that EACH parishioner who intends to vote in the Vestry election have his or her OWN email address.

Family members who share an email address may want to make sure that each member has an email address before September 30, and most importantly, that the Church Office has an individual email on record for you!

We will be sending specific login and voting information in a subsequent email.

If you have questions about your email address of record, please email Kay or call the office at 703-777-1124.

Who's "running" for Vestry?

We are delighted to report that 62 individuals were recommended to the Vestry Nominating Committee as potential candidates!

The Committee has identified eight candidates whose unique skills, gifts, and experience are well suited for this important leadership position at this time in our life together. You will be choosing four of them to serve on the Vestry for the next three years. Please take a moment to read and learn more about them here. We ask your prayerful discernment in this process. 

Please mark your calendars for this important event in the life of our parish.

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